The Reason Behind the New Downtown Green Lights in Gaston County

It’s GO Month!  You might notice an abundance of green lights coming up around some of your favorite downtowns, retail shops and restaurants.

Why are there green lights going up? For one, it’s Restaurant & Retail Week from Oct. 8 – 14, meaning you’ll have 40+ dining and shopping specials to choose from when picking a place to eat out, drink, or shop. The green lights are being used by businesses and municipalities as a formal invitation to you – that is, they’re giving you the green light – to come out and experience what Gaston County has to offer. Whether that means diving deep into Gaston’s culinary strengths during the week, or becoming an even bigger part of its already-thriving culture by shopping local.

The symbolism of the green lights being in communities across Gaston County extends beyond the direct message of Restaurant & Retail Week. It’s another manifestation of the same principle that the county means business by uniting the public and private sectors behind a common vision. It might also require you going up a waist size or two for a short while, though that’s why we have Culture & Recreation Week following directly after.

Join us! Come out and experience Gaston in a hands-on way during Restaurant & Retail Week. You might just find your new favorite date night spot, family meeting place or go-to gift shop.

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